Two-factor authentication for SSH & Unix

Protect your organization from phishing attacks, account takeover, and data theft

Adding Duo to SSH provides strong, out‑of‑band authentication.
Multiple authentication methods provide options for users.
Interactive status messages clearly explain what’s going on.

View transaction details and approve or deny the request.

Denying a request allows the user to report it as fraudulent which alerts the system administrator.

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Strong Authentication for SSH & Unix

Protecting local (SSH) and remote Unix logins with strong two-factor authentication is the easiest and most cost-effective way to secure your infrastructure against today’s cyberthreats. Duo Security makes it easy to deploy two-factor authentication across your organization because it takes advantage of users’ existing devices — their mobile phones.

Rapid Deployment

Duo’s Unix integration is open source and can be easily installed on all major Unix distributions — no hardware required. Users are given a web link to enroll and register their own phones, making deployment fast and painless.

Learn how to protect SSH logins with Duo Unix »

Works for Everyone

The Duo Mobile smartphone application is free and available on all major smartphone platforms, and lets users easily generate passcodes without the cost and hassle of hardware tokens. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone users can use Duo Push which “pushes” login or transaction details to the phone, allowing for immediate, one-tap approval. Watch the Duo Push demo »

Older devices like cellphones and landlines are also fully supported. Duo can send passcodes via text message, or place a phone call — users just press a button on their keypad to authenticate.

Duo Security Offers Multiple Methods for Two-Factor Authentication

Duo also sells and supports hardware tokens for users who prefer them. Hardware tokens can be ordered from the Billing section of the administrative interface.

Protect your Organization with Duo Security

  • Two-factor authentication done right
  • Simple setup and deployment
  • Works with all phones, even without cell service
  • Cost-effective, reliable, secure

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