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Duo Platform

The next generation of access security.

Smarter security starts with a robust platform capable of providing secure access to any user, to any application, on any device over any network.

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Ease of Use

Security lies in the hands of your users. If your second factor isn’t intuitive, they won’t use it.

Reduce headaches, support calls, and training, by providing a convenient way to authenticate using something they already have — a smartphone.

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Easy to use 2 Factor Authentication for Increased Security


Proactively defend against attacks with
real-time fraud alerts and reports.

With insight from logs, real-time fraud alerts and reports on your users and devices, get complete visibility into your two-factor authentication environment to proactively defend against attacks.

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Fraud Alerts    Detailed Logs    Users & Devices

Supported Services

No device, app, or platform left behind.

Duo integrates with VPNs, cloud apps, on-premise apps and more to allow you to quickly and easily set up your security solutions. And with Duo’s APIs, you can also integrate security into your existing custom environments.

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Integrate Duo Security 2 Factor Authentication into your Existing Custom Environments

Security Controls

Customize Duo Security’s 2 factor solution to meet the needs of your users.

Better control, better security. With custom security policies and the ability to set trusted devices and networks, you can customize Duo Security’s two-factor solution to meet the needs of your users.

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2 Factor Authentication Security Controls

Authentication Methods

Support Every Device.

Allow users to authenticate when they’re offline, with mobile apps, text messages, or even just landlines. Let users choose how they want to login, and never deal with lost tokens again.
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Duo Mobile

Manage logins with our
free mobile app.
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Duo Push

Quick, one-tap approval right to
your smartphone.
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SMS Passcodes

Ideal for your users without
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Users & Devices

Customize Security.

One size doesn’t always fit all — customize your security solution with Duo Security’s controls that allow you to easily manage your users and devices.

With advanced groups management, provisioning, device and authentication method controls, Duo gives you complete control over your organization’s security environment.

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Customize Your 2 Factor Authentication Solutions with Duo Security

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