Finally, a two-factor solution that works for you, not against you.

If your users can log into it, we can protect it.

Protect your organization in 15 minutes, with no hardware to install.

Duo’s solution is cloud-based, which means there's no software to install, and no server to set up. Our patented technology and drop-in integrations enable you to seamlessly integrate Duo into your existing application login workflow.

And with our ever-expanding integration support, you can protect all of your critical platforms, applications, and devices. We even offer a robust Developer API to integrate Duo even more seamlessly with your product.

You can now also leverage Duo's powerful two-factor authentication to protect widely-utilized enterprise cloud apps, including, Office 365, Google Apps, and Box.

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Two-factor authentication for everybody.

Price should no longer be the main factor.

Two-factor authentication has been typically limited to larger size businesses with the resources to support it, but Duo's variable cost subscription pricing (as-a-service) enables strong authentication to be effectively applied to every business, regardless of size and complexity. You only pay for what you need.

No infrastructure required, now or later.

Your users can bring their own devices, which means no hardware investment for you. And our multi-tenant cloud architecture allows you to scale from one to millions of users, with no additional hardware or user training.

From evaluation to solution in minutes — not months.

Easily provision hundreds of thousands of users, or let them do it themselves.

Secure users easily with rapid user provisioning via Active Directory synchronization and bulk user imports with CSV files. For smaller deployments, users can also simply provision themselves using our self-enrollment feature.

All new accounts get the full range of Enterprise-level features for the first 30 days. Get your free account today

Two-factor that’s as usable as it is effective.

Have control of your users’ authentication experience.

One-Tap Authentication
Authenticating with Duo Push is as easy as tapping a button on your phone. No phone calls to wait for or passcodes to type in.
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More methods mean fewer support requests.
Multiple authentication methods ensure your users have the access they need, when they need it, which means zero complaints for you.
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No training necessary.
Self-enrollment option lightens the load for the admin — and is so straightforward that it doesn’t require any training.
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Two-factor when and where you need it.
Advanced, transparent management controls give admins user groups management, trusted devices and trusted networks, as well as comprehensive API access that empowers developers to build enhanced solutions that fit their organization’s unique requirements.

Certainty when you need it most.

2FA is our DNA.

Duo Security is led by seasoned security and technology executives with longstanding experience in enterprise and telecom security.
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Confidence in numbers.

Duo's cloud hosted security-as-a-service utilizes geographically diverse and redundant infrastructure providers to deliver you high availability.
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Secure by design.

Duo Security acts entirely as secondary authentication, 100% independent from your users’ primary authentication. Our solution never “sees” the user’s primary credentials – and neither will the bad guys.
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Compliance for your industry.

Duo can help your company meet FFIEC, PCI DSS, NIST, and HIPAA standards.

Healthcare Banking Enterprise Public Sector

All new accounts get the full range of Enterprise-level features for the first 30 days. Get your free account today