Duo for WordPress

Duo's WordPress plugin enables two-factor authentication for WordPress logins.

First Steps

Before starting:

  1. Sign up for a Duo account
  2. Create a new WordPress integration to get an integration key, secret key, and API hostname. (See Getting Started for help).

Install and Configure the Plugin

Log in to your WordPress blog as an administrator. Navigate to Plugins → Add New in the left navigation bar. Then search for “Duo Security” and click Install Now for the Duo Two-Factor Authentication plugin.

Plugin Search

Then click Activate Plugin to activate the plugin:

Activate Plugin

Now, click Settings to configure the plugin.

Settings Link

Copy and paste your integration key, secret key, and API hostname from the integration you created earlier. You may select specific user roles that should authenticate with Duo. To fully secure your WordPress site Duo recommends that you disable XML-RPC. However, this will prevent use of offline Weblog clients and the WordPress mobile app.

Settings 2

Click Save Changes to complete configuration.

Test It Out

Open a new browser (or incognito window) and try to log in to your WordPress account. You should be prompted to set up your two-factor authentication. Complete the enrollment process.

Start Setup

See the Troubleshooting page if you have issues during setup.

Network Diagram

  1. WordPress connection initiated
  2. Primary authentication
  3. WordPress connection established to Duo Security over TCP port 443
  4. Secondary authentication via Duo Security’s service
  5. WordPress receives authentication response
  6. WordPress session logged in