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Brings strong authentication to organizations of any size.

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Duo API Edition
For Software Developers

$3/user/year * Minimum 10,000 users, Mobile SDK and telephony credits sold separately

Add strong authentication to your website or app in less than a day.

  • Built-in contextual authentication
  • Includes Self-Service Portal
  • Supports Administrative Roles
  • Add-on: Mobile SDK for iOS and Android

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Personal Edition Business Edition Enterprise Edition
Number of Users Up to 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Support Email & chat
(Mon-Fri, 9:00A-6:00P ET)
Email, chat and telephone support (Mon-Fri, 9:00A-6:00P ET), with 24x7x365 support for Critical Severity issues
All authentication methods
Unlimited integrations
Hardware Tokens
Telephony Credits
(All Accounts Start With 500 credits)
25 credits per user, per month
(Resets monthly)

100 credits per user, per month
(Only applies to first 500 users)
Cloud App Protection x x
Administration and Management
User Import
Groups Management x x
Administrative Roles x x
Admin API and Auth API x x
Active Directory Synchronization x x
Self-Service Portal x x
Contextual Authentication and Security Controls
Trusted Devices and Networks x x
Factor Control x x

Common Questions

Are there any setup fees?

Nope. No hidden fees for licensing, setup, support, or anything else.

Can I pay for a whole year at a time? What about multi-year discounts?

Yes. We can do invoiced billing and can offer discounts for 2- and 3-year contracts. Please contact our sales team for details.

Do you have pricing available for very large—scale deployments?

Yes. We have volume pricing available through millions of users. Contact us for more information. Please include information about your application, active monthly users, and expected average and peak authentications per second.

What are telephony credits?

Phone calls and SMS messages from Duo operate using your account’s telephony credit balance. Paying accounts come with more than enough telephony credits to cover domestic telephony, since text messages to the US/Canada only cost 1 credit (and phone calls only 2).

Customers with international users may need to purchase additional credits if these users frequently use calls or texts to authenticate. You’ll get a notification email when your credits are running low, and credits can be purchased at any point from the billing section of the admin interface. A batch of 1,000 credits costs $10.

Every Duo account comes with 500 credits to help you get started. Keep in mind that Duo Mobile and Duo Push don’t use telephony and are free to use from anywhere in the world.

Read more about telephony credits »

Do you sell hardware tokens?

Yes. Duo’s D-100 tokens are $20 each and have an expected battery lifetime of 5 years.

For domestic orders within the US, shipping is $10.00 with a minimum order quantity of 5 tokens. For international orders, shipping is $30.00 with a minimum order quantity of 20 tokens. You can purchase tokens from the administrative interface.

Duo also supports third-party hardware tokens, such as YubiKeys or any OATH HOTP-compatible tokens. Third-party hardware tokens can be imported into the system by an administrator.

I have more questions…

We’d love to answer them. Contact our sales team.