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About Duo Security

Duo Security is on a mission to provide advanced security solutions for organizations of all sizes. Duo’s innovative technology protects users, data and applications from credential theft and breaches with a focus on streamlined usability. The company was co-founded by CEO Dug Song, a major contributor to the security community, and CTO Jon Oberheide, expert cloud, mobile, and malware security researcher.

Dug Song
Prior to founding Duo, CEO and co-founder Dug Song served as Chief Security Architect at Arbor Networks. His contributions to the security community include many open-source security, distributed file system and operating system projects.

Jon Oberheide
Duo’s CTO and co-founder conducts security research across mobile security, cloud security and malware analysis. With previous positions at Merit Network and Arbor Networks, Jon was named one of Forbes’ “30 under 30” for his Android security research.

Learn how Duo Security helps to protect the accounts and logins of organizations like Etsy, Facebook, Threadless, and many more.
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Our Investors

Duo Security is proud to be backed by an illustrious roster of investors who believe in our product, our vision, and our team.

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Ann Arbor by the Numbers


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“Best Cities for Young Adults”

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“Best Small Cities for Startups”

Business Week - 2009


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The Daily Beast — 2012

Our Seal, Our Principles

The two stars represent the two founders of Duo Security — Dug and Jon — two outstanding members, contributors and leaders of the information security community.

The two trees symbolize our company’s roots in Ann Arbor, Michigan; a healthy mix of the city and nature, and the complementary character of a well planned human environment.

The zeros and ones are binary code for D-U-O. Binary is the digital representation of text and data in computing and telecommunication.

The shield represents the dedication and strength of Duo Security’s processes, people and technology. Our patented technology is designed to protect against credential-stealing attacks.

The two crossed keys represent the strength and design of Duo Security’s two-factor authentication solution, and the two layers of security we offer to our community and customers.

And finally, “Tuebor” is Latin for ‘I Will Defend’. This represents Duo’s mission to protect organizations of all sizes. It also happens to be derived from the Michigan state flag.

Some things you might not (need to) know about us…

37% Percentage of us who get to work without a car.
1 in 5 Number of us with postgraduate degrees.
62 How many children we’ve generated.
4-11 Our record during last summer’s kickball season. (We’re getting better.)
18 U.S. states our employees are representing.
5 Patents we have been awarded.
23 Beards and/or mustaches in the office.
0 Hours in the day that we’re not looking out for you.