Success Stories

Learn how Duo Security helps to protect the accounts and logins of organizations like yours.


Chose Duo’s solution for multitude of integrations, slick interface and frictionlessness


Facebook’s goal: Reducing friction and making security easy for developers.


Duo provides relief for Threadless’ RSA headache.

University of Michigan Departmental Computing Organization

Weak passwords and account takeover were big problems before DCO deployed Duo Security.

Case Study: Leading Global Job Search Site

They wanted to be the site where people found a great job, not the site where millions of people’s private information was stolen.


Yelp chose Duo Security over competitors due to a higher level of confidence in the quality of our security solutions.

MNX Solutions

After trying a number of two-factor solutions, MNX settled on Duo Security for the ease of integration and affordable cost.

Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital

Deployed after an internal audit, Duo helps 300+ hospital employees authenticate quickly and easily.


Duo’s self enrollment allowed all 1500 users to painlessly deploy two-factor authentication.


CedarCrestone's internal auditing revealed potential security problems — Duo Security helps administrators sleep better at night.


With Duo Security, Aha! found a convenient way for customers to enhance their end user security with no hassle.

Thousands of others trust Duo too...