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VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

Secure VPN Endpoints

Reduce Remote Access Risks

Safely transfer private company data online via your VPN (Virtual Private Network) by integrating with Duo’s two-factor authentication solution to protect your endpoints.

Make it easy on your users with Duo’s self-enrollment and login prompts displayed within your VPN’s login prompt after primary authentication. Ensuring a consistent experience for your users, it also reduces training time and support costs for your company.

Duo’s solution seamlessly integrates with some of the largest VPN providers, including Juniper, Cisco, Palo Alto and more.

Configuring Duo’s two factor on your SSL VPN is quick and easy. There’s no hardware to manage or software to install — just upload a customized template package and change your VPN’s settings.

Find out how easy it is by signing up for a free account.

Authentication Methods

With multiple methods to choose from, your users can authenticate anywhere, even offline or without cell service, giving them secure VPN access while they travel or work remote.

Choose from smartphone mobile apps, SMS passcodes, push notifications, phone callbacks or tokens. Users can also authenticate from multiple devices and choose a preferred method during each login.