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Secure Microsoft Remote Access Points.

Easy Setup and User Provisioning

Quickly configure security with your enterprise Microsoft environments by using Duo’s integration packages and fast user provisioning, and spend more time supporting your users and core business applications.

Duo’s two factor leverages Active Directory to synchronize your existing user database to rapidly provision users.

Setting up security on your Microsoft servers is easy with our integration packages that support OWA (Outlook Web Access), Win 10 RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) clients, TMG (Threat Management Gateway), Azure AD and Office 365 web clients.

Authentication Methods

With multiple methods to choose from, your users can authenticate anywhere, even offline or without cell service, giving them secure VPN access while they travel or work remotely.

Choose from smartphone mobile apps, SMS passcodes, push notifications, phone callbacks or tokens. Users can also authenticate from multiple devices and select a preferred method during each login.