Today we’re excited to release a native integration of our Duo two-factor authentication with the popular open-source Drupal CMS!

One of the things we love about Drupal is the active community of developers and users. Drupal boasts over 8,000 contributing developers, and an estimated 7.19 million sites are powered by Drupal. Ubuntu, CNN, and BBC choose it to power their website. Even the White House uses Drupal, and the list goes on.

Like other web platforms such as WordPress, Drupal’s popularity makes it a common target for attackers, who will phish, sniff, or bruteforce account credentials in order to slip malicious exploits into your site’s content and steal user data.

Our new Duo Drupal module is designed to thwart the theft of account credentials by adding a second line of defense to your Drupal login credentials – your mobile phone! You and your users will be able to log in to your Drupal-powered site with ease and with confidence that their account is secure.

Getting up and running with the Duo Drupal module is a breeze: all you need is a Duo account and about 5 minutes to install and configure the Duo Drupal module:

Start protecting your Drupal-powered site with the best two-factor authentication available for free by signing up today and checking out our Drupal documentation!

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